Saturday, December 27, 2008


How was your Christmas? We brought Mom home to stay overnight on Christmas Eve then we went to my brother's for turkey dinner. My brother truly believes that the sun rises and sets on his wife, so he took her to Paris, France for her birthday. Jealous? Me too.
Anyhow, look what she brought back for me! I can't wait to have somewhere to go that will require me bringing my slippers so I can show these babies off. I love the hat so much that I'm wearing it around the house - keeps the furnace down, eh? They are hand made from felted wool.

It took some convincing but DH finally realized that I TRULY did want a personal assistant for Christmas.

Here's another apron that's been gifted and opened.

This is the stainless steel tree that DH made for the nephew's fiancee. Apparently she's been sending prayers out to the universe for a while now.

We are laying low today. Queasy stomachs, headaches, chills. Did we poison ourselves? I don't think so. Maybe we picked up a crummy bug somewhere.

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