Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas goings-on

Ohayo Gozaimasu (that's Japanese for Good Morning). It took me all day to learn that. I wrote it a zillion times and said it two zillion times. Konnichiwa is 'hello' or 'good afternoon' and that word was easier for me to remember. This is all in preparation for my Tokyo/Bangkok/Singapore trip coming up soooon. Today I will learn a practical expression: "where is the bathroom?".
Doris and I started the week by practicing eating Thai food, at the Thai Coconut in Burlington. The mango salad was really really good.

So many people are lucky enough to have a quilter in their life, and get a quilt for Christmas. This is the last Christmas quilt I need to finish. And it's huge, with tons of stitch in the ditch. I will go back later and use a plum thread on the plum fabric, but you can see the general idea of the quilting design.

When I work late I like to watch a movie - this week it was Mamma Mia. And guess who stars in it??? He's been a heart-throb of mine for too many years to count. But holey off-key Batman. He cannot sing worth a bean.

I finally have the Christmas tree decorated. It is a real tree in a pot. We will plant it in the spring. We tried that last year too and ended up putting $80 on the compost pile. This year we will treat our little baby a bit better (wow - say THAT fast!).
Here is the tree on steroids. If y'all want to know how I took such a fancy pic, I used the night setting and turned the flash off, then (apparently) I jiggled my hand a lot. There is lots of room under that tree for.... envelopes & gift cards!!!

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