Friday, September 20, 2013

Workshop in Goderich

This is work done by Becky Goldsmith.  I love, love, love her stuff.

She's half of Piece 'O Cake Designs.
I was up in Goderich to take a workshop with her when I spotted this roof.

OMG.  Is there a quilter in the world who would NOT want this roof???
I am not going to show you my awesome work accomplished in the class.  One stem, one leaf and one circle.  Very exciting stuff.

I love my quilty friends.  I got an email "I had a really good pumpkin crop this year.  Would you like some?"  Hell YES!!  One is already missing and in the kitchen - ready to be murdilized by my chef's knife.

Here we go - one large-ish pie pumpkin, maybe 8" across.  Cut, seeded and boiled.

The skins just slip off at this point.

I cranked up the Kitchenaid food mill and got about 5 cups of puree.

Whee... bread dough.

Yum, yum, yum.  Pumpkin bread from this recipe.
Afterwards, I made pumpkin cranberry squares from this recipe.  They went to a meeting with me last night and the only ones to make it home were in my stomach.  Oops.  Sorry DH.


  1. Psst, both your links go to the pumpkin bread. I hope you get to work on your project. I'd like to see the fabrics you used.

    1. Thanks Dolores. You are now my official proof-reader. The link is fixed. As for my applique piece... that is a different story.


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