Sunday, September 15, 2013

2 Christmas Quilts

It's never too early to get your Christmas quilts ready.

I used a pretty Christmas tree motif for the background and borders.

I really like the offset design on this quilt.

It was quilted with a poinsettia motif in the blocks and border.
I am still posting pics from work done in August, and here it is the middle of September.  I can't recall having such a distracted summer in like ... ever.
  • Tobermory for a week in July
  • helped start a new Scrappy Club at the guild in August
  • 5 days in August, Grand Rapids Michigan
  • 2 days in August, Caledonia NY
  • 3 days in September at Margaret's in Ennismore
  • 2 days in September at Diane's in Zurich
I've been harvesting more tomatoes - 7 more quarts of sauce were done Friday night.  I finally got to bed at 1 am.  While I waited for the pressure canner to cool down I watched 2 more episodes of Sons of Anarchy.  Thursday night was 4 loaves of zucchini bread.  Yum - that will sustain me through the winter.  Saturday we had friends over for dinner which gave us the opportunity to use up some of our fresh tomatoes on bruschetta and a lovely tomato/pepper/onion salad.  I think we went through half a bottle of balsamic vinegar. The menu for the night was:
  • bruschetta (from garden)
  • veggies & dip
  • steamed green beans (from garden)
  • roasted carrots
  • roasted butternut squash (from garden)
  • mashed potatoes (from garden)
  • Dilly Beloved Chicken (from Eat Shrink & Be Merry)
  • Tomato/pepper/onion salad (from garden)
  • cupcakes (from our guests)
Weatherwise, things are definitely cooling down.  I added a second quilt to the bed the other night when it went down to 5 or 6 c.  Brrr.  The zucchini is just about toast - I have a few small ones left out there, but the last 3 I picked are probably the end of the notable harvest.  However - the Butternut Squash is INCREDIBLE.

Picked this week - 3
Picked YTD - 40

New this year:
B.S. REPORT (butternut squash)
Picked last 2 weeks - 5 (roasted 2, soup 1, gave away 2)
Picked YTD - 5
Today's BS tidbit - I have cleaned and dusted the office.  Ha ha ha ha ha.....

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