Sunday, September 1, 2013

Half Log Cabin Quilt and Summer Canning

I love the colours in this Half Log Cabin quilt.

There are lots of modern fabrics in here, so I used a funky flower quilting design.

Nice back!!
Oh lordy, how much do I love my neighbour???  She's been feeding me raspberries for the past couple of weeks.  I begged her for two more cups worth so I could make Peach & Raspberry Jam - she sent me home with at least eight cups worth, AND she picked them for me.

The garden bounty is keeping me busy.  This is the Orchard Fruit Chili Sauce that will hopefully last me the next two years.

Saturday's Labours (appropriate for Labour Day Weekend).
Eight jars of jam and six jars of chili sauce.  No you're not crazy - two jars of jam are in the fridge because they didn't seal. 
 I am guessing that I give away too much stuff after I make it.  I had to break down today and buy another box of jars.  Tomorrow we (that is a REAL 'we' - meaning I'm putting DH to work, too) are making Italian Tomato Sauce, and I didn't have enough jars.

On our way home from cross-border shopping Thursday we stopped in Grimsby and bought another nine litres of peaches.  OMG they are good.  But I already had a 3 L basket in the fridge - so here I was, up to 12 L of peaches.  I used a half dozen in the chili sauce, but still... Aack. 

So.  Every day I read Judy Laquidera's blog at  She cooks, quilts, knits, lives in Texas out in the middle of nowhere, and she raises chickens.  She is the reason I have a pressure canner, the reason I make my own bread from scratch, and the reason for my burning need to get the pasta maker.  On reflection, she is costing me a lot of money and time, but that is a topic for a later discussion. Recently she was writing about dehydrating fresh produce.  We had the raspberry neighbours over for supper last week and I was relating some of what Judy wrote about.  Well, it turns out they have a dehydrator they've never used and they forced it on me loaned it to me.  Now, RIGHT now, I have 3L of peaches busy dehydrating away on the kitchen counter.  I will share some of those, along with some of the jam, in appreciation.  Good neighbours are a gift from the Universe.

Picked this week:  3
Picked YTD: 37

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