Monday, September 30, 2013

Log Cabin type blocks for the President

My lucky customer was the president of her guild, and this quilt was put together from her President's Blocks.

Huh.  (whining)  I never got blocks when I was pres at my guild.
On her work order I wrote down 'Simply Squares' as the quilt name, but a Google search didn't give me a pattern for this, so I'm not sure what the pattern is.

The leftover fabrics were given to her too.  What a great back!!!
I spent Sunday at the Caledonia Fair in the quilt guild booth.  I took my sewing machine and worked on my Scrappy Club quilt.  This will take me forever, at this rate.  These are some of my 36 blocks.  A link for the pattern: Quiltville - Boxy Stars.
So - life in the country is plugging along...
  • the computer is dying and I must call Michael (our computer guy) to see if a little surgery will fix the problem.  Probably not.  It'll most likely need replacing.  Pffftt.  There goes my 2014 shoe collection.
  • my digital camera has already died.  Right now I'm using my phone to take pics, which is great, but OMG it is sooo faaar to go upstairs and get it out of my purse all the time.  Then I have to tuuurn it on.  Then I have to waaait for the photos to upload to Dropbox.  Then I have to mooove them to my photo program.  Then I have to eeedit/crop.  And THEN, FINALLY, I can post them to my blog or email them to whoever.  This lengthy process easily adds 5 minutes to the routine.  Seriously.  Who has that extra time in their day???
OK.  Enough bitching.  On to the garden:
Picked this week 2
Total YTD 42
I think the stragglers that are still in the fridge are getting shredded today and going in the freezer.

Picked this week 3
Given away - all 3 (DH was whining that he was on BS overload and was not eating any last week.  He may not know it yet, but sorry honey - you're getting overloaded again this week.  Heh, heh, heh.)
Total YTD 9
BTW - I checked out the butternut squash at the fair and mine would have competed quite well.  Size alone would have won me a prize - some of my buggers are HUGE.

BS Tidbit of the week:  my language skills are excellent and I finish the crossword puzzle every night with no Googling of clues.  ha ha ha...

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