Sunday, September 22, 2013

9 Patch Quilt and Stash Reports (fabric, zucchini, b.s. with a recipe)

Here we go with another 9-patch quilt.  These are so pretty, especially when they have a great colour combination like blue & white with just a touch of red.

I quilted this with Baptist Fans and two border treatments.  SID along the borders keeps everything nice and crisp.
I have been very good!
Added since last report 2m
Used since last report 3 m
NET YTD (-24.75)

Picked this week 0.  Seriously???
Picked YTD 40

Picked this week 1
Picked YTD 6
BS tidbit:  I have such a well-behaved dog, she always comes when I call.  ha ha ha ha ha...

This weeks squash went into this WONDERFUL BS Tart with Fried Sage Leaves.  OMG it was sooo good.  The link is here.  DH and I ate the whole thing for supper.  It's probably not the best thing for my cholesterol, but it was Saturday.  Next time (and there will definitely BE a next time) I'll make a salad to go with it.

The easy part was using frozen puff pastry.  Make sure you buy the good one that is made with butter, NOT the cheap one made with hydrogenated vegetable oil, or whatever crap they put in our food these days.  The honey/hot pepper reduction was very HOT when I did the taste test out of the pot, but on the tart it wasn't hot at all.  And it needs to be warm to pour nicely.  Next time I might use 2 hot peppers instead of one.  As I was making this, dashing outside in the pouring rain to pick the required 12 fresh sage leaves, I was wondering what it takes to make a person decide to try frying sage leaves and then adding them to a recipe.  They are smoking better stuff than me.  :-)


  1. Gotta try that recipe. I just made BS soup with caramelized green apples and an amazing spice rub added - YUM. Love the Baptist Fan on that quilt!

  2. I want to know how you do your Baptist fan. It looks amazing. Is it machine done or hand? The BS tart with fried sage leaves sounds very interesting, but I'm not a big fan of sage. BTW what does BS stand for? lol

    1. The Baptist Fans are done with the IQ. Before I got the IQ I used the Circle Lord boards.
      BS is butternut squash.


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