Thursday, July 28, 2011

Star Bouquet quilt, Pineapple Quilt, Beach Day pics

Star Bouquet quilt. Pretty and old fashioned.

I quilted this with clamshells in the body, and a feather border.

Pineapple quilt - this was paper pieced. I thank the Lord it wasn't me who had to remove all the paper.
This was quilted with a combination of s.i.d., straight lines, and curls.

Beach Day.  Hmm - is that vodka I see???
We seem to have switched over to wine.  C.A. is wondering what happened to the top of her head.
We really DID make it to the beach.  It was so windy the camera was blowing around, which is why we are a bit off center.  Every year, this is the fastest two days of the year.

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary.  DH and I celebrated the way all long-married people do.  We went to the movies which lets us not talk to each other.  Afterwards we went out for supper where we could talk to the waitress.  I'm being very tongue-in-cheek here, we actually DO talk to each other.  But sometimes the conversation is pretty thin.  My mom used to have neighbours who were in their 80s and they never seemed to STOP talking.  What the hell did they still have to discuss after all those years together?  It remained a mystery because they were Dutch and I couldn't eavesdrop.

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  1. Hi Helen:
    Just creeping around your blog. Was looking for ideas to quilt a pineapple quilt and you just popped up! Merry Christmas.
    ps if you have any great ideas that are not computerized for a pineapple let me know


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