Monday, August 1, 2011

Boxy Pouch, zucchini report

I made these two cute little boxy pouch bags to carry cutlery and serving utensils, using a tutorial from Make It Modern

As for quilting this week, I'm working on several quilts for a gal who will be part of a studio tour this fall.  Stay tuned for pics later this week (?).

Weekly Zucchini Report
Picked   11
Eaten   5
Given Away   6
In Fridge  0
Compost  1
Total YTD  35
As I suspected, my math is off.  There should still be 2 in the fridge.  Do you think maybe DH disposed of them when I wasn't looking?  Nah, he wouldn't dare.  Would he?

I spent yesterday morning in the garden dealing with the cilantro.  I started a few plants in the spring and planted them out there, not knowing that cilantro will self seed if you are a messy gardener like me.  Last year's crop went to seed and I think all 85 billion seeds grew.  I'm always saying that I love cilantro so much I could roll around in it - well this year I had enough that I COULD roll around in it.  So I hacked and chopped and pulled plants out and spread it around as mulch (see?  messy.) and discovered a pepper plant in the midst.  Then DH pounded in stakes for the tomatoes and got those all tied up, so I think everybody is happy now.  There are flea beetles eating my cabbage plants.  This year I am trying insecticidal soap (organic, ya know?).  Maybe I'll have nice foamy coleslaw this fall.  har har.  yuck  It will be a few days before I can see if it's helping.

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  1. I got the best laugh of the day with the foamy coleslaw Helen!
    I can send you a recipe for zucchini cake if you'd like it!


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