Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garden Pests

Fer cryin' out loud.  First it was cucumber beetles.  Now it is Squash Bugs.  Look at the little bastards.  They are sucking the life out of my zucchinis.
I will  head out in the morning (now that I've done some research) and spray with  insecticidal soap.  If that doesn't kill them I may have to resort to making my own bug juice.  I may clear a patch of ground and stick a couple more seeds in.  If I get lucky I'll have a second set of plants this fall and may get more of my beloved fruits.

So, depressing as it is, here is my weekly ZUCCHINI REPORT
Picked  3
Eaten  2
Given Away  0 (NONE???!!!)
In Fridge  1
Frozen   0
Compost   0
YTD     38

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