Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studio Tour Quilts

Gosh, I haven't posted any quilt pics in over two weeks.  Sorry about that.  Here are the quilts that will be part of the fall Dundas Valley Studio Tour.  Check out Studio 7.  More of her work can be found at  Her style is Modern quilting and her colours are bright and vibrant - it is always such fun for me to go to work when she's on my schedule.  Click on the photo for a larger pic.

And, Mary Helen-Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 
Well, no zucchini again yesterday.  Although if production ever ramps up I have a new recipe for Zucchini & Strawberry Marmalade.  I have a fall sewing of green beans, which are 6" high.  A fall sewing of beets and spinach are just poking their heads out of the ground.  I am dreaming all night about the little worms in my cabbage.  Geez, get a life, eh?  This morning I will go out and wash the crud out of the cabbages and respray them with insecticidal soap.  The worms seems to prefer the late cabbage.  The early cabbages show much less damage.  I know the thought of BUGS in your veggies freaks out many people, but organic gardeners like me just get used to sometimes having a little extra protein.  Although to be honest, I still say "eeuwww...".

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