Monday, August 15, 2011

Kawartha recap and Zucchini

I had a lovely coupl'a days at Margaret's.  Thursday we went to the Lakefield market, where they had a quilt exhibitor with several antique quilts.  Then we went next door to the Antique Show & Sale.  I remember the days when antiques were all really unusual items, but now I seem to have a personal history with a lot of items.  What's that saying???  Thursday night I got out my sewing machine and hemmed the four t-shirts that have been waiting for my attention for a few months.

I was not Margaret's only freeloader.  Here's me (trying to keep my share of the couch) with Molly.  Molly belongs to Margaret's friend, and she is staying for a visit for, I think, two weeks.  This was Friday when we went to the Buckhorn Fine Art Show & Sale.  Afterwards we made a quick lunch then spent the afternoon tooling around the lake on the boat.  We went out and did more sightseeing after a wee nap.  It seems that my nose was too sunburned for me to get any sewing done.

Saturday was QUILT SHOP day in Lindsay.  In spite of my fabric moratorium I seemed to be a little light in the wallet when we left.  We had a really good lunch at a tea room then came back and got stuck in the anti-gravity chairs for the rest of the day.  By three o'clock I decided there was no point in trying to get any sewing done, I would just stay stuck in the chair.

I was really really glad that Molly was visiting because she comes from the Muskokas, where wild blueberries grow.  So Molly's mom brought a large basket as a downpayment on doggie services.  On Thursday night Margaret whipped up the most delicious Blueberry Scone, which was huge - the size of a pie.  There was still one piece left when I departed on Saturday night.  Yum yum yum.

However, as you may have surmised, there was no shrinkage of the UFO numbers.  sigh.

Picked  9
Eaten 2
Given Away 2
Frozen 0
Compost 0
In Fridge 6
Total YTD 47

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