Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Block Wonder and Summer Quilt

Here is the completed One Block Wonder.  It turned out pretty nice considering it is my first (and probably my ONLY).

This is a great summer quilt - I love the white with the cool blue.

We had our last family dinner for the next long while on Saturday.  My niece is heading back to Singapore on Monday and her parents are moving to Calgary at the end of the month.  I think I drank enough wine to make up for the next 5 dinners we won't be having.  Ooo - my poor little head this morning!~  When will I learn???

On Monday I am heading off for an overnight Beach Day with the girls.  Tonight I did my baking.  I'm thinking that my icing technique could use a bit of work, but the cookies certainly get the point across.
DH is back in my good books.  The bathroom taps are installed and the new light fixture is up.  Nice, nice, nice.

Picked  11
Eaten  3
Given Away  5
In Fridge  3
Frozen  0
Compost  0
Total YTD  24

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