Monday, July 11, 2011

The current quilt, June stash report

Border done with a curly vine design.

This block is stitch in the ditch with diagonals.

This block is s.i.d. with diagonals and line dancing.

All I've been doing is digging in the front flower bed.  I go out in the mornings until around noon, when it's too  hot to work outside.  Around 11:30 or 12:00 I come in, have a shower, have lunch (not necessarily in that order) and then get to quilting.  I am lucky to be able to schedule my days this way, and MOST days I am grateful.  There is the odd time I get all whiney and think maybe I'd like a real job... but then I remember that I'd have to be there at a regularly scheduled time which would probably involve getting up EARLY in the morning.  So I go back to being grateful for my life - just the way it is.  Working until 9 pm a couple times a week seems to keep me (mostly) up to date.

June Stash Report

Used this month 11.5 m
Used YTD 48.45 m
Added this month  0 m
Added YTD 19 m
Net 2011 (- 29.45 m)

House update:  I got a new bathroom counter and sink on Thursday.  Yippee!!!  The old one was 25 years of well water, if ya know what I mean.  Now I'm waiting for DH to install the new taps and the new light fixture.  (insert impatient foot tapping)

Friday was Mom's 91st birthday.  My sis and I went and had lunch with her, but that was pretty much the extent of her energy.  The 'home' has a beautiful rose garden with plenty of tables & chairs so we enjoyed the scenery for a while.

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