Friday, March 20, 2009

Cold Remedy, Red Hat Day, Bangkok Mannequins

Doris, I think you need to work on your smile before the showgirl audition.

I'm looking for snake oil remedies for a cold. Anyone??? I've been sucking on zinc tablets since Sunday night and so far they are not working. Unless, of course, I wake up Saturday morning miraculously healed of my cold. I'll let you know, ok?

This week was Red Hat Day. We started with lunch at Stir It Up a kind of new age, organic, mostly vegan restaurant in Brantford. Lunch was quite yummy. Then it was off to the Sanderson Centre for an afternoon performance by Frank Leahy and Family. He should have left the 'family' at home - his kids were AWFUL with a capital 'a'. They sounded like a bunch of little kids in the living room singing to grandma and grandpa. The disappointment necessitated a trip to Dairy Queen to make ourselves feel better.

Well, I have heroin-happy mannequins from Bangkok to keep me cheerful. Feeling crummy (as I do) I felt in need of a little levity this morning. These are the mannequins from Bangkok. These were laugh-out-loud surprises. Our manny's here in southern Ontario sure don't look like this!
This is a store where you can purchase these happy dummies.

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  1. Can you please get over that plaque before Paducah, with the cramped quarters and all....I hear that the LCBO still sell snake oil in Mini Bottles, I think they call it Jack Daniels, because snake oil for consumption is illegal here in Canada. I will bring a few samples, in case I need it...I do not plan on sharing.


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