Monday, March 16, 2009

Retreat Recap

At our last guild meeting Sue and I did demo's on making yo-yos. Sue made this tea cozy for the sole purpose of showing the gals what you could do with them. Then, she gave that lovely cozy to ME. What a friend, eh? Actually, I think she wanted to shut me up - she'd been listening to me for quite a while "ooo - that would look really good in my kitchen".

I took the Dirty Dozen fabrics as my project for the retreat. I started by sewing the borders on both sides of my 5" squares. Then I thought (!) I would sew the borders on the other sides. Well, geez Louise - it never fails!!! As you can see, I miscalculated the size. All of my cream border strips were cut 1/2" too short. sigh....

This is FIX #1.

When you calculate one thing wrong, you have surely calculated all the rest wrong too.

This needs to be FIX #2. This is why I always bring extra blades for my rotary cutter.

I was rooming with Lydia. Here is the bedding they provide at the retreat. Can you say "ICK"?

Doesn't the bed look so much nicer with a real quilt on the bed, and my very SPECIAL pillowcase made by my dear friend Diane. Click on the photo to see it up close.

There were 20 of us on the retreat. We only blew the breaker once. Only one room decided it wanted to be alone, and accidently locked its occupants out on Friday night, necessitating a call to the after-hours caretaker.

Here is the DD top finished. But it's a secret until June.

Sunday afternoon and time for the group photo. Here we are, minus 2. Pat seems to be missing in action??? Lydia had gone home sick. She was kind enough to share her germs with me last week at guild, and again this weekend. Now I'm sick too. I'd have thought with all the anti-bacterial chocolate and jujubes I ate I wouldn't catch it. Not so!

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