Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Toilet Seat Story

I am always amazed at the creativity some people exhibit. My job today was a bathroom valance and a matching potty cover. I've never made a potty cover, so I did a google search "how to make a toilet seat cover". WELL. Did you know that you can order a chocolate toilet seat with instructions on how to make a cake to match? Did you know you can order a special Jewish toilet seat? Did you know that some gal has a blog with instructions on how to knit a toilet seat cover so your behind does not get cold? It's no wonder I spend too much time on the computer - I cannot get over some of this stuff (I mean I really don't believe some of this stuff) and I just have to check it out.

Anyways... Making A Potty Cover:
Step one is to make a paper pattern of the lid. Cut out a big hunk of fabric, fold 3" under at the top edge where the hinges are and pin the pattern on.

Step two is to cut out the fabric, (dare I call it 'fashion fabric'?) adding about 3" around the perimeter.

Step three - serge that top edge because it's going to be a facing. Then fold it back under and press.

Step four - cut a long strip of fabric about 2 1/4" wide and fold it in half. It will be the casing for either drawstring or elastic. I was having no luck with elastic today, so I went with drawstring.

Step five - stitch the casing on (to the right side of the cover) with about a half inch seam allowance (turn the ends in so they're neat). Next, clean finish the edge, with a serger if you have one. Then be neat again and press the casing towards the outside, with the seam allowance pressed towards the cover.

Ta Da - Finished. Thread the cord through. Put it on, pull the strings tight (watch they don't land in the toilet - you'll be cursing your oopsie). Tie snugly and tuck the strings under an edge.

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