Monday, March 30, 2009

Fleetwood Mac and Beach Day Diane

Here is this week's project. I am in the middle of quilting lots of beautiful feathers, along with cross-hatching. Stay tuned!

In case you're wondering, yes I DO still have the plague. But I think it's on it's way out. Unfortunately it's taking the long way and travelling via poor DH. I was kinda busy this week, considering I was feeling so pucky. Tuesday I had dinner with my favorite bunch of gals - Jean, Jane & Teresa.
Wednesday was an extra sewing day for the Caledonia guild. See what I made? This is for one of my UFO's. I had cut all the pieces during the retreat two weeks ago. When I started to put them together I (apparently) had not followed the directions properly so the diamonds needed to be cut down a bit. So they looked like diamonds and not parallelograms.

The 'home' called to let me know that Mom fell out of bed on Sunday night. By Thursday her PSW was so worried I ended up taking her to the hospital for xrays. OK, I didn't exactly take her - I made the home call 911 and send her in an ambulance. She was in sooo much pain I just could not see how I'd get her there, in and out of the car, walking, waiting in emergency, and on and on. Once they determined she only had deep tissue damage (which is apparently very painful) and NOT a fractured pelvis, she had to make the laborious trip home in my car. Poor dear. The only good part about spending my day at the hospital was that I managed to get another 20 yo yo's stitched.

Thursday night I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert in Toronto. Yes, it was GREAT, although also VERY LOUD.

On Saturday I got a surprise call from 'beach day' Diane. She was in St. Catharines for the weekend, so I called up friend Debbie and we all had lunch together. It was a beautiful warm sunny spring day - perfect for playing hookey. Yes, I should have been working. (See quilt at top of post. Bad Helen, bad!)

As you can see, what with all the excitement in my life this week, AND having to work too, there was no time left for surfing the web and finding really weird stuff to entertain you. Maybe next week. :-)

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