Monday, March 23, 2009

My 100th blog post

Some days it just sucks to be me. I still have the plague, and now I have a sinus headache to go with it. DH and I seem to be having a 'domestic'. The home phoned to let me know Mom fell out of bed last night. I can't get in touch with the customer I need to talk to.
And I have 50 of these bottles that are supposed to go in the Paducah Bus Trip Goody Bags. Um, Mel?..., these are expired. By a lot.

It seemed like an excellent day to give up a few hours of paid work. I quilted up a donated top for the Quilts Of Valour program. We recently had four more Canadian soldiers killed and it just breaks my heart. Now, I'm not exactly in line to put on Mother Teresa's wimple. But it makes me feel better to think I can do SOMETHING to thank the selfless men and women who are putting themselves in mortal danger on our behalf.

Bernadette generously donated the top and backing (and a very nice top it is!). I had a leftover piece of batting that was... 3" too short. grrr...**#@!!!
I stuffed in an extra piece and finished up the 'hourglass' quilting (done with the Circle Lord Zig Zag template).

Then it's reward time! Brandy Beans - yum yum.

(I use Hobbs Polydown).

Take the new extra piece. Along the whole length, peel it into two layers, about 4" deep.
Open your pivot access and gently (!) rip up the edge of the too-short batting, so it looks like the dog has chewed it.

Lay the new piece and stuff the ragged edge in between the two layers, kinda smoothing out any lumps. With the batting layered in like that, it helps to keep the pieces from pulling apart and leaving a gap. The chewed up edge helps to disguise the hard edge - it's less noticeable when the quilt is finished.

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  1. Oh no! I didn't even check the expiry!! I have been using that lotion still! Seems fine to me....

    I have more Keri samples if you want to double up on those!


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