Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tools for Detailed Longarm Quilting

Our backyard is just a mess - with a capital 'M'. The hole goes across most of the back of the house, down to the footings. In girl language, that means waaaaayyy down. I ran away from home yesterday and went to check out two long term care facilities. I was almost thinking for me... but actually it is so I can get Mom moved in to a nice place in the not-too-distant future. She turned 88 in early July. When I phone her in the morning to take her pills, her new trick is to just pick up the phone and then put it beside the base, without ever talking. sigh.

While I was out I stopped at the electronics store and bought a new dooey of my own for the camera, so I could return our neighbour's dooey. If you are a detail person, the real name of these things is a 'Multi-Function Hi-Speed USB Reader/Writer for bla bla bla (ok, no, that part's not REALLY on the package) multi-media cards, memory stick, etc. To express my appreciation for him lending me the dooey I bought him a Lotto 649 ticket for the $43million draw last night. Gosh I hope he won! (since we did not)

Here are some of the templates I'm using to do the quilting: a straight edge, a curved edge, and a few circles in different sizes. I've put sparkly stickers on a lot of my templates so I don't lose them on the quilt top while I'm working. I really don't want to roll one up in the quilt, ya know???

I have to finish my basic outline quilting today so I can unzip this quilt and get back to it at a later date. Unfortunately, the winning numbers did NOT belong to me, so I have to work on customer quilts instead of winging my way to Tahiti. (gosh, wouldn't that be NICE???)

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