Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Antique Basket Quilt and Zinnia Quilt

Here is a quilt made with antique basket blocks. I was hoping to quilt feathers in the yellow alternate blocks and in the border but Floyd will not stitch properly on polyester fabrics so I went with straight line quilting. The customer is sending it out west as a wedding gift. Lucky couple!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE zinnias? They are my favorite part of the summer garden. And living in the country I always have lots of Queen Anne's Lace (a rampant weed here, and apparently I'm not a very tidy gardener. I wish I could find some practical use for dandelions, thistles and chicory.). But Q.A.L. looks very pretty in a bouquet. I've also thrown in a couple of Coreopsis flowers and some leaves from the Siberian Iris.

This is my Atomic Zinnia quilt. I entered this in the Northcott Challenge a few years ago. It took an Honourable Mention in the applique category. I originally bought a whole bolt of that grey/black background fabric. I'll be searching high and low for an alternative when it's all gone - it makes a great background for applique quilts.

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