Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beach Day With My Longarm Friends

There are a bunch of longarm quilters who are blessed to have Diane as a friend.

Diane invites us to her house every year for 'beach day' (altho we normally don't make it to the beach 'cause it's too stinking hot). We have the BEST show & tell, eat the BEST food, drink the BEST beverages and take the BEST walks, all the while having the BEST time with each other. Then, a few of us get to stay overnight because we live just far enough away. And we do the same thing all over again the next morning!!!

I habitually take a 'departure' photo. This is Debbie and I heading out Thursday morning.

Carol Anne, Mary Anne and another Carol Anne (this can get a little confusing??) enjoying show & tell.

Here there is a bit of playing and information sharing going on at Diane's quilting machine.

This is the coolest little change purse Diane brought back from her trip to Bangkok.

Bedhead and silk scarves. Don't we know how to dress, eh? Too much coffee clouds the fashion brain, I'm thinking.

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  1. Hi
    I love the hexagon style quilt, its wonderfull, i do hexagon shapes often, Thankyou


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