Sunday, August 3, 2008

Neighbour to the Rescue

Well, my gosh, I just LOVE our neighbours. Not only do they provide me with Swarm 'O Bees Honey, he told me what was wrong with my computer mouse AND he had a dooey I could plug in to a USB port on my computer and stick in my photo card to download my pictures. AND he and his son are over helping to destroy the backyard. How much better can a neighbour get????

So, here is the housecoat.

And here is our backyard. OMG, can I come to your house? Notice the 'supervisor' peeking out the back door? Joseph is the young fella in the hat - he is a very good brick picker-upper and an EXCELLENT tractor driver. Well, except for the teeny bump to our fence. And that was all his father's fault, because he had just (and I MEAN just) predicted such an incident before the job was finished. Talk about manifesting your thoughts.

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