Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garden Harvest and Car for Sale

I was playing Susie Homemaker on the weekend. I paid too much for the blueberries at the grocery store and made 7 small jars of blueberry marmalade. Very sweet - I think I'd prefer it to be a little more tart (kinda like me in the olden days, ha ha).

Here was yesterday's garden harvest... enough green beans for supper and some for the freezer. Oops, I ATE all the ones for supper - "sorry darlin', you can have leftover corn". I save the big fat ones for Sadie... she loves green beans as much as I do.

It's time to sell the Escort - if you know anyone who's looking for a fairly reliable but older car. This would be EXCELLENT for a student. Gas mileage is around 10 L. per 100 KM. Nice and clean, driven by a little not-quite-old-lady quilter.

1999 Ford Escort, 180300 km. Asking $2000 firm. You will not find a better car for this money. Not certified, but should not need much, if anything.

Contact me at 905-765-9162 or thehuberts@mountaincable.net

Automatic, pwr steering, pwr brakes, pwr door locks, pwr windows, alarm, air conditioning, am/fm/cassette. Everything works.
Transmission repaired and new tires in 2007. Front brakes done in 2008. Hmm, something else done recently too... I'll update this when I figure it out.
Flaws: rust spot near gas filler, cracked rear bumber, small starburst on windshield.

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