Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home from the National Juried Show

Departure from Deb's at noon on Sunday.  Rainy.  We are heading to Karen's for the night, then go to London on Monday morning.

Karen knows how to entertain her overnighters.  Mojitos.  heart :-)

This is our dorm room at the university.  Karen does not know how to take a normal picture.  Ha ha.

Carol Anne is surprised that our new friend Gwen has not run away.  Perhaps it was the allure of two-day-old pizza we offered her for supper?

Diane and Pat at our table.  Breakfast of champions:  Cheerios and a wide assortment of alcohol.

I met the author of a blog that I regularly follow (the Quilt Rat - great stuff!!!).  I looked like hell (previous photo of breakfast explains everything) but had Jill (blog author) take a group shot of us on our last morning, regardless of my appearance.

Now I'm back working on my UFO for May.

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  1. I wish I had met you earlier in the week, looks like you all were having a wonderful time!


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