Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stash report and UFO report and Longarm Tale of Woe

May's ufo is complete, except for hand stitching the binding.  Check the UFO page for June's project.

Floyd (my quilting machine, for those of you who haven't met him) decided to take a vacation of sorts.  He was stitching just FINE on Saturday.  Sunday seemed to be a day of rest - the needle would go up and down but there was nooo stitch.  I tried changing threads & bobbins & needles several times and finally gave up.  I went out to the garden and then I went to visit Mom (who was having a really good day - so I'm kinda glad Floyd was acting like an ass).  Anyhow - I called Ricardo, Floyd's doctor, but he didn't bring his little bag of tools until Wednesday.  Ricardo said he would be here between 8 and 8:30.  A.M.  My first thought was for gawds sake - sleep in a little - come at 10, but I just said "ok, I'll see you then".  On Tuesday evening I had a dinner date with some friends.  When I got home DH was in bed and had not taken out the garbage for morning pickup.  So I brought up the two recycle boxes, packed up two bags of garbage, and left it all where he would have to TRIP over it in the morning.  I didn't want him to miss the hint, you know?  Well, I get up at 6 am on Wednesday (mornings are not my forte) and all the garbage is still in the kitchenPfftt!!!  Bastard!!! is what I'm thinking.  At 7:20 I pull on my filthy gardening clothes from the day before so I can lug the garbage out to the road, then I'm going to take a shower before Ricardo shows up.  Surprise, surprise - Ricardo pulls in the driveway as I'm taking out the last load.  Seriously???  7:20 a.m. for a service call???  I'm in muddy shorts and I haven't so much as brushed my teeth.  At this point, men are not my favorite people.  By the time Ricardo left, 7 hours later, Floyd was purring and my two Pfaffs were both clean & shiny - ready to rock & roll.

Because I couldn't quilt on Monday or Tuesday I stitched up Poochie Bags for my Tuesday dinner dates, worked on the commission quilt, and got most of the veggie garden planted.

It turned out that DH had set his morning alarm for pm instead of am and was seriously late for work, which is why the garbage was still in the kitchen.  So I forgave him.  And Ricardo made Floyd happy at a price I could afford, so I forgave him too.


Fabric used in May            5.85 m
Fabric used YTD              36.95 m
Fabric purchased May         2.9 m
Fabric purchased YTD       19 m.
Net YTD                           - 17.95 m. Yaay me!!

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