Friday, June 17, 2011

Scrappy Quilt & social activities

I just love scrappy quilts. This was pieced using foundation fabric, so there is no batting.

If you've been watching the 'modern' quilts they are often quilted with just straight lines. I like the look!

Extra blocks were pieced into the backing.

This has been a busy week for me.  Usually I have NO life at all.  But I went to the movies to see Bridesmaids, which was truly funny with a good amount of scatological humour.  Then after taking the commission quilt to Judy Lyons in Burlington for an appraisal I had a lovely lunch date with a friend and followed that with a visit to see Mom.  Thursday was Red Hat day.  Janice took us for a complimentary workout with a Zumba class.  Hah!  Am I uncoordinated????  Then we ate too much at D & D's Diner in Jarvis.

Here is your latest appraisal information - straight from Judy.  Museums (and appraisers) are no longer recommending that you roll your quilts for storage.  This is distorting the batting and the fabrics.  They are BACK to recommending quilts be folded with acid free tissue in the folds, and refold periodically.  Also, Judy's fee will be going up this fall to $60.00.  If you are thinking about having some items appraised do it now, while it is still $50.00.  Then you can spend your $10 savings on more fabric.  :-)  Judy can be contacted at judy.lyons@ (take out the space after the '@' sign).

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  1. Roll? Fold? Mine are wallhangings and so they are hung. Bed quilts are on the bed. There is one quilter I know who literally stacks her quilts on a spare bed - one on top of the other. My friends and I are making a similar scrap quilt to the first one you've shown but we are going to use batting and since there are so many pieces we will hand quilt minimally.


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