Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wet dog, Quilt Shows, RAIN

My assistant is 4 years old, and still a juvenile (as you can see).  Right now she's actually kinda smelly.  Wet dog smelly since it is pouring rain.  Again.

Yesterday I took advantage of the lovely warm weather and got some gardening done.  And since I'm so nice I fed the blackflies too, arrrgh!!!  note to self:  do not feed the insectum.

I am having a real hard time getting motivated these days.  I don't feel like working, I don't feel like sewing, I don't feel like getting up in the morning.  I sure hope this is just a phase.  Maybe my week in London for Quilt Ontario will be the break that I need?  Perhaps I'll come home inspired?  Will my longarm buddies whip my arse into shape?  Diane (Beach Day Diane) 'voluntold' a few of us last year that we were going to help her hang the quilts so I'm working on my biceps and triceps.  Pfft - yeah, right, har har har.  Bending the old elbow does not count, silly.

What I HAVE been doing is cleaning up crap that has piled up in the basement, in the office, and in my workroom (who knew there was a sewing table under all those fabric scraps?).  I have to throw out a broken printer, broken humidifier, and broken dehumidifier.  Why, oh why, do we keep this stuff?  I have to sell a perfect little fax machine (now that I have a new multi-function printer).  I have to take a full recycle box of empty beer/liquor/wine bottles back to the beer store.  And I have a full recycle box of cardboard for garbage day.  I have already dropped off a pile of stuff at the Goodwill, too.  Check out if you want to learn how to do a 27 fling boogie.  I hope Revenue Canada does not decide to audit Mom, 'cause I have now burned all her income tax papers from the 90's and up to 2003.  And I've been cooking... creatively.  And once in a while it gets sunny and warmish, so I've been weeding & clipping.  Tomorrow I am going to the Halton Quilt show at the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Yippee - a day out with the girls.  When I get home we'll have leftovers for supper, then perhaps I will do some sewing on the commission quilt I'm working on.  'Cause so far, Environment Canada is calling for more RAIN RAIN RAIN.


  1. For someone unmotivated you sure are getting a lot done!

  2. I'm planning on going over to Burlington tomorrow too. Sound like you're burning lots of calories. I'm sitting in one spot quilting...

  3. I went to the show yesterday..Wow..You will be inspired..and back to quilting before the day is
    Can't believe I was even good about the shopping.
    Long wet drive from The Kawarthas..ugh..this reain can end anytime.
    Hope you have a great day ..Judi B.

  4. It must be raining just about everywhere...
    Love the flylady, haven't visited her site for a while, thanks for the reminder.


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