Monday, May 9, 2011

Applique Quilt & Marriage "don't" recommendations

This was such a fun quilt to work on, with fat cats & houses & flowers.

I love this border treatment.  I chose it because it echoes the shape of the vine in the appliqued borders.

I'm always a little stumped when quilting fences.  This got 1/4" outlining.
DH was out of town for a couple days last week.  He took my car to his brother (the mechanic) to have my brakes done.  I made myself a to-do list that I hoped to accomplish before hubby returned.  Well, he came home half a day earlier than I expected, so I was still working on my chores. 
Every fall I remove and wash all the window screens and store them in the fruit cellar, then I wash all the windows so we can watch the crappy weather outside.  In the spring I just need to clean the windows again and pop the screens on.  When we had our windows replaced we did the front of the house one year, then the back of the house a few years later, by different companies.  The screens are different - one set has little spring loaded side bullets that you pull, slide into the window channel and release.  The other set has friction fit tabs - you just slam them in, and that style is hard on my hands.  I've been doing this spring/fall routine every year, for MANY years.  So, DH is watching me and I'm whining about the slamming and how it hurts my hands, and I can't reach the top of the window to slam that edge in, and would he please do the top edges for me.  (note - these are the last 2 windows to be complete - every other window in the house is done) 

"Don't" Recommendation #1:
  • Do not ask your wife if she has the correct screen on the window.  You are liable to find the screen inexplicably torn, with your head sticking through it.
Every Friday I clean the potties.  We've lived here 15 or so years, and I've been cleaning these every Friday for all of those years.   We have four potties, and we have well water, so I really need that on my weekly calendar, otherwise it gets totally out of control.  I was working on the toilet in the main bathroom.  The procedure is:  toilet cleaner stuff in the bowl, let it sit for a few minutes, clean the bowl with the toilet brush, clean the rim (top, inner side, underneath) with the toilet brush while trying not to spray water all over myself and the floor, then take a wad of toilet paper to dry off the rim, toss paper in the bowl and flush.  No muss, no fuss, no now-toxic t.p. in the garbage can that the dog will decide to eat on Tuesday.  DH is watching me (you heard me say WATCHING, didn't you?)

"Don't" Recommendation #2:
  • Do not tell your wife "that's not the right way - it doesn't work" while she is cleaning the toilet.  You may have to duck pretty darned fast to avoid the toilet brush that is, oddly, winging it's way towards your head.


  1. Lovely...I'm with you on what to quilt on fences? Great job!

  2. The quilting in the border is very pretty.

  3. I love this quilt and was wondering if you could tell me where to get the pattern?

    1. Sorry - that is a customer quilt - I have no info on the pattern.


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