Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Sampler Quilt & Postcard Class Prep

We've had two birthday parties this week - one for my soon-to-be niece who turned a lovely 25, and another for my sister-in-law who turned a lovely 25 x 2. I brought myself a bottle of wine to the 25 x 2 party last night and apparently drank the whole thing? They have these HUGE wine glasses (fish bowls on stems, really) so the amount of liquid in them is very deceiving. Until it's time to go home and your shoes won't stay still long enough for your feet to get in them. Oh my.

I've finally finished this gorgeous quilt. It took a lot longer than I anticipated, although some of that was just design work. The infamous 'S & S' technique (stand & stare).

My useless assistant, fiercely guarding the front door.
Doesn't that position look very uncomfortable?

I'm heading off to Zurich after lunch today (the Zurich at Grand Bend, Ontario, not the other one). I will be staying with my friend Diane. On Monday I'm teaching a postcard workshop for her guild in Goderich.
I've made up 50 kits to make Christmas Postcards. This entails 50 ziploc bags, 50 sets of a three page "how-to" pamphlet, 100 pieces of Peltex 72 fusible heavy weight interfacing, 200 pieces of 6.25 x 4.25" fabrics for the fronts and backs, 50 pieces of Steam A Seam, 250 pieces of Christmasey fabrics cut into smaller pieces, 100 pieces of fuzzy yarns for couching or edge trimming, 50 little baggies filled with seed beads, bugle beads and sequins. Are y'all tired yet? I certainly am. To top it off, I simply cannot find loose sequins, so I have to buy them by the yard then UNSTRING them. I make very good use of my skinny tweezers.

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  1. Wow, that black sampler with the punch of cranberry is fabulous. I love the way you quilted it.


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