Monday, November 3, 2008

Using leftovers

Back in June I made the Jelly Roll quilt. Last week I used the leftovers to make coasters. Leftovers are insidious... like rats scurrying in the sewer. You think you've got rid of them, when HELLOooo - there they are back again!! The middle stiffener is Peltex 72 by Pellon, which I also use for my postcards. It's already fusible on both sides.

I used the leftover leftovers, and now I've made little business card holders. More Peltex 72. Instructions were from Two Creative Studios. I could not find any snaps for the closure, so I just used buttons and cording. I made the cording with 4 strands of Perle Cotton #5. These will be going to some friends of mine who've done nice things for me. These could also be used to hold your credit cards or mad money. Or kleenex. Or leftovers. Or snaps. Well, I could go on here forever, couldn't I???

In case you're wondering, yes, now I have leftover leftover leftovers. (ooo - getting dizzy....)

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  1. Well Helen....whenever I feel like today is a crap shoot, and unlike you, find my fridge empty of juicy little things that may or may not cure the bugs that ail me, I just read your blog and suddenly I feel like having a daquairi or a nap, and today perhaps a facelift but end up with a laugh or two which is way better, well maybe not so much better than a strawberry daquairi..

    maybe you should write a book and call it the Great Adventures Of Helen who is not made in China.

    thanks Irene


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