Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quilt Class and Tonight's Supper

My supper menu for tonight was homemade Leek & Zucchini soup, salad, fresh bread. I was teaching a class this morning then I had errands to run, so I left a request with my kitchen assistant: "Please make a loaf of bread in the breadmaker".
Here is a view of the bread through the window. There is still another 35 minutes to go on the timer. Chances that it will push the lid open attempting to escape are looking pretty good. Why is it so difficult to measure yeast?

Should I try to trade in the kitchen assistant for a new one that looks like this? If successful I don't think I'd really care about the yeast. Seriously. :-)

Class today was good! This is # 7 of 8 classes and the gals are all doing very well. Arlene appears to be praying to the quilting gods. Really, though, she's just marking her border. She is the overachiever this session, as her quilting is mostly finished.

Lorraine is sorting out her border blocks.

Reta has her top finished and plans to hand quilt it over the winter. I will baste the layers for her and she can use her Q-snap frame. The way the sunlight is shining on her quilt it looks like she has some heavenly approval, eh?

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