Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shop Hop & Quilting Work

Yesterday I was out with Sue and Floris Ann on a shop hop. Usually Margaret would drag me out for the day on these trips, but since she moved up north I have to drag myself (and others) out. My pet peeve of the day is the facilities... you know, THOSE facilities. Why do shop owners have lovely bright clean shops and clean well decorated classrooms, yet the bathroom looks worse than what you'd find deep in the bowels of Grand Central Station? It certainly does not reflect well on the shop owner. In my opinion. And, like, who cares about my opinion. Besides me. I have a fabric moratorium in place and I did very well. All I bought was a Micron pen and a magazine. The best part of the day was the company. And the lunch. And afternoon tea & dessert yummmm.

This morning, I woke up to what I hope is not a forecast of the rest of the day. Someone (!!!) did not quite get the coffee pot underneath the little drippy hole last night, so this morning the whole counter was covered with 10 cups of coffee. Ok, really only maybe 2 cups. Nevertheless, very messy. The first words out of my mouth today (after 'good morning') were the 'F' bomb. If I were a coffee drinking cat I'd have been in 7th heaven, slurping away there on the kitchen counter, belly extended like Jabba the Hut.

I finished work on a second beautiful embroidered quilt. This one is for the maker's son so I took a more manly approach to the quilting.


  1. What a bad way to start the day! I'd be "f"ing all over the place! The quilt is beautiful!!

  2. What a lovely quilt!


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