Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilt Show on Manitoulin Island

Margaret wants me to see the parts of Ontario that I've managed to miss so far. She has a friend, Nancy, who lives up (waaay up) on Manitoulin Island. When I first met Nancy I asked her if she was in the Witness Protection Program? Well, Nancy's guild The Island Quilters had their quilt show this past weekend.

I left Thursday morning at 9 am for the Muskokas, where Margaret and I met at her other friend Jan's house.

I left my car there, under the watchful eyes of Molly the lab and Jilly the mutt. Margaret and I left at 1:00 for Manitoulin Island.

We arrived at our destination around 7 pm. The first b & b we stayed at Thursday evening was ok, but not worth a review. However Friday thru Sunday we stayed at the Red Rooster and it was wonderful. They served real whipped cream every morning with either french toast or waffles or crepes. And homemade preserves. And maple syrup. Plus all the other breakfast stuff - eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, toast, etc, etc. Can you say "oink"?

Here is the organized pandemonium that precedes every quilt show.

Margaret was pretending this was her very pretty quilt. But we know better. There is too much non-blue fabric for this to be hers.

There was not much machine quilting at the show. But one of the featured quilters did exquisite hand quilting.

Nancy was desperately trying to finish the quilting on one of her pieces before the show. She has a wonderful quilting studio on the top floor of her garage-mahal.

Margaret & I went tooling around the Island, and LOOK what we found. Just in time - as the whipped cream from breakfast was wearing off. Whew - crisis averted.

And, yes, in case you are wondering... from Thursday through Monday I DID manage to add a few pounds to my frame. Celery and vitamin pills for the next few days... bleahhh...

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