Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Current Story of Mom

I went on my retreat to Margaret's last Thursday. On Friday, it seems that Mom fell. Her homemaker found her on the bedroom floor and Mom either would not or could not get up. The ambulance was called and they took Mom to the hospital. My brother and sister were on 'take-care-of-mom' duty for the weekend since I was away.

Mom stayed in the hospital from Friday until Thursday. The doctors would not release her into her own care - her dementia is too severe. On Thursday she was transferred to a retirement home with LOTS of supervision and all kinds of care workers to help her with daily tasks. There is a dining room for meals, they do the laundry, and hopefully clean up the food she likes to stash (wrapped up in napkins) for 'a bedtime snack'. I've been with her every day this week but I've come down with the plague, AGAIN. My brother has gone up to Grand Bend camping from last Wednesday until Sunday, so my sister will be on 'visit Mom' duty this weekend. I am coughing so much today that I don't dare go near the retirement home.

My normal nature is to be cool, calm and collected all day during these crises. I save my little breakdowns for martini time when I get home. But when I'm sick I get very weepy. I have almost embarassed myself twice during discussions with the administrator, and with the CCAC Case Manager. sigh... But the papers are all signed now and Mom will go on the waiting list for a nice new Long Term Care home. She hates the curtains in her room sooo much I've already asked the administrator if I am allowed to make new ones (yes I may). I'll get a photo and show you next week - they are gawd-awful orange and yellow plaid. Ick. Bad enough to make anyone demented. Since Mom will be staying here for 4 - 24 months I think it will be worth my trouble to make her new curtains. (uh-oh... halo getting heavier....)

I must stay home this weekend and I plan to 1) work and 2) get at the postcards for the postcard swap from MQR with a posting deadline of Sept 17th.

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