Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Postcards, Mom's Curtains & My Asia Trip

I'm in a postcard swap with 12 other gals. Here are some of the cards I've sent out - the theme is 'Gone With The Wind'. My interpretation was 'time flies' - do you remember the New Millennium?

As promised here are Mom's very lively curtains. Mom has always been into blues, cream, beige. These are way outside her comfort zone.

My brother went to visit her earlier this week and brought her a huge pot of mums. Very pretty but they take up 3/4 of the space on her dresser. In case you find the picture a little confusing, that is ME and Mom, not my brother.

My trip is scheduled for January - we planned to spend week one in Japan, week two in Bali and week three in Singapore. The day after we whipped out the VISA cards and paid for our flights the travel agent called to discuss the wee matter of a travel alert for Indonesia, INCLUDING BALI. Heightened terrorist activities. Can you say 'dammit'? Now I have her looking for an alternative spot for Doris and I to spend the middle week. I just can't see myself enjoying having my head on a pole for the terrorists to videotape. I'm not sure they'd remember that I always wear mascara, ya know?

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