Monday, September 8, 2008

Another retreat and finished quilts

Fall Retreat at Margaret's:
Departure at 7:40 Thursday morning. Okay, that is waaayy too early for me.

Red lights, LOTS of them on the 407 ETR. Huh?? Express??

Arrival at Margaret's at noon. I get out of the car and trip on her front steps. The photo is upside down. Very elegant, n'est pas? And to think mom made me walk around with books on my head to learn poise... ha, ha, ha, ha.

Cap'n Margaret taking us out on her pontoon boat. I asked her what it was like to wake up every morning and be on vacation?

At the Buckhorn Quilt Show. This planter was designed by someone who never took a design class.

One of the quilt kitties helping me with my old Dresden Plates.

I managed to finish the top in spite of the 'help'.

Who have we here??? The Flintstones? They woke up grumbly for their breakfast.

Before quilting. This was the 'twist' challenge. You will notice it is now OFF the ufo listing. Yippee!!! New name is Tipsy 9-Patch.

After quilting. That dog is certainly NOT camera shy. I finished the binding during the evenings at Margaret's.

Waa, waa, I don't wanna go home....

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  1. Nice ....nice....nice....isn't it good to have great fair getting typsy and using that as an excuse to rename your least not without me........

    Your Mom looks like you or you look like her you definitly look like her.....

    yes I would make new curtains asap.....don't want to give her nigtymares on top of everything else....make sure its before martini time ........or you will call them napkins instead of curtains.

    Have a great one .......Irene


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