Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Embroidery with Dresden Fans, and sewing today...

I've always had a fondness for embroidery, so working on this was such a treat.

Now, how pretty is that? In the embroidery blocks I did a simple follow-the-line of the embroidered vines, outlined the fan, then put a filigree inside with a wee bowknot in the center.

Beautifully set off with the Dresden Fan blocks. The fans have a feather fan design, and there is a matching motif in the block center.

Mmm.  Yum. These computer patterns for the IQ are by One Song Needle Arts.  OMG, she has beautiful patterns.

Today I'm having a long distance sewing marathon with Margaret (from Ennismore) and Nancy (from Manitoulin Island) and Nancy's friend.  We are all working on our own projects and will keep in touch during the day with emails & photos of progress.  I have supper all ready - leftover manicotti (recipe HERE from my Looneyspoons cookbook), bread & salad from Sunday's dinner with 1-800-Luke and his wife.  :-)
I will be making a table runner using the ruler I bought in July 2013 when I was in Caledonia NY.  At least, I think that's where I bought it.  If, perchance, I finish that I will move on to the Blooming 9-patch that needs a border.  Then I could have another tick mark on my UFO challenge (with the same Margaret and Nancy).  Because the year is almost up...
Dammit.  I just emailed Margaret and promised to start my sewing day with two Downward Dogs and one Plank, followed by walking the dog at lunchtime.  What was I thinking???

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