Saturday, December 27, 2014

A bunch of Pantos and a quiet Christmas

This is all pre-Christmas work.  I still have one on the frame that I hope (!) to finish today.

Beautiful oriental prints framed with black leading.

Yum. This looks very Japanese to me - Japanese quiltmakers like to make you look to find the piecing.

Ooh, very cute, girly, baby quilt.  I love those hot colours.

Nice quiet, soft-toned baby quilt.

Modern Irish Chain.

Scrappy baby quilt, quilted with hugs & kisses.
The family was all out of town at Christmas so DH and I sat around in our jammies for many (!) hours and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, fortified with lots of chocolate.  I tried to burn off a few calories by vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning some of the windows.  I think at some point we finally dragged our arses outside and went for a walk with Sadie.

The Universe decided that I needed just One.  More.  Gift.  The super-controversial movie The Interview mysteriously (ahem) showed up on our 'tv box', so we watched that Christmas night.  It was stupid - but funny/stupid.  As you may have figured out already, I have a pretty low threshold of humour.  DH is much more discerning (translation:  grumpy) and did not find the movie entertaining at all.  If I was the leader of a country, I would not be particularly happy to be presented in such an unflattering light, but that is just part of the job when you are a 'famous' person.  After all, we all DO have some control over how we are perceived.  Anyhoo - I don't know if I would pay full price to see this at the show, but it was fun nevertheless.

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