Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Quilts & a Doggie Story

These got me in the mood for Santa!
Christmas quilt #1.
Christmas quilt #2.
Christmas quilt #3.
Christmas quilt #4.

Now here's our little Doggie Story.

There once was a cutie named Sadie.
Who knew car rides should be viewed with suspicion.
Because sometimes the car brought her here. (note from mom - the best vet clinic, ever!)
Then mom & dad would go out to party.
They'd bring me home drunk on anaesthetic.  Whoo.  No, I can't do those stairs!
Piss on it.  I'll just stay here where it's warm.

Crap.  See what happens if they catch me licking my elbow?  How embarrassing.
It's a week later, now.  Except for the antibiotic pills twice a day (which I will not swallow, har, har, har) things are looking good.  Dad is such a softie he refused to leave me home alone with the cone of shame on my head, so they PAID FOR A BABYSITTER on Saturday night.  ha, ha.

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  1. So true - both the video and the Doggie Tale. I could see me hiring a babysitter too! Poor puppy.


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