Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pam Bono WIP and RIP, and more random thoughts

The current WIP is a quilt designed by Pam Bono.  There is enough stitch-in-the-ditch on here to sink a battleship.  The RIP part, in case you haven't heard, is that this week Pam was the victim of a murder/suicide.  Her husband shot both her and the family dog, and then shot himself.  All dead.  What a horrible circumstance.

Decorating 101.  Apparently DH knows more about accessorizing the dining room than I do.  I must get out more.

Love of Wildlife 101.  Sometimes, like once or twice a year, I really hate the birds.
More random thoughts:
  • On a nice cool, rainy, fall day, the dog you love so much will decide to find the flower bed with the nicest, blackest, soil.  Then she'll dig to China.  Which apparently requires all four paws.  And her nose.
  • I really hate it when DH says:  "Sure I'll (insert some minor chore).... tomorrow".  Tomorrow never comes.
  • I really love it when the flies are stupid enough to fly into the vacuum cleaner head.
  • If my niece had told me she was flying to Calgary today I could have saved the $28 it cost me to ship my brother's birthday present.  That money would have been better spent on vodka.

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  1. Your quilts are lovely. The quilting spectacular.
    In searching the internet to find how I might be able to get the Pam Bono patterns I ordered, but didn't get downloaded before the website was shut down, I found your blog post.
    It is really sad to hear about such a death. And my prayers go out to her family.
    Just wondering if you, or anyone out there, ordered Pam's newest E-books: My Blue Heaven King and Lap Quilts. I am willing to show my receipt and the download links to prove I purchased them. I would really like to make them.


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