Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kid's Bird Quilt, Zucchini Report (yay!) and random thoughts

This is such a cute quilt.  Purple and orange were my favorite colours when I was young.  Mom was so accommodating, she let me paint my bedroom HIGH GLOSS ORANGE and dress it up with purple drapes.

And I had the perfect pantograph.  Don't you just love the neon green set off with dark purple thread? This backing is minky.  Hoo baby!  So soft and slick, it feels like you dumped the whole bottle of liquid dish soap on the floor and then did a little dance.  Naked.  And you wondered what I did in the evenings.  ha ha ha.  Eeuw - now try to get that picture out of your head.

ZUCCHINI REPORT  The plants are disgusting looking.  Grey, papery, dusty-mouldy, shriveled up leaves.  But they are determined.
Picked this week:  1
Picked YTD:        61

The Random Thoughts:
  • I've been eating lots of toasted tomato sandwiches.  Mmm.  Butter and a bit of mayo, with thin slices of tomato.  Sadie always gets the top slice of tomato with the stem end, and the bottom slice that's all skin.  Somehow she can HEAR the tomato-slicing knife coming out of the knife block, even when she's outside.  Then she'll stand at the back door (giving a little 'woof' if you take too long to notice she's waiting) until you pass over her share.
  • DH does not like sliced tomatoes on his plate when you have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.  Even when you point out that tomatoes are a FRUIT.
  • After toasted tomato, the next best sandwich is toasted TURKEY eaten about three hours after a huge turkey dinner, while the turkey is still slightly warm.
  • Perennial phlox is invasive.  OMG.
  • Five minutes of stitching on the longarm, when done badly (and lets face it - we all have our less-than-perfect moments.  sigh.), takes one hour to pick out.  Multiply that by a whole border around a quilt.
  • Sad news.  George Clooney is off the market.

Cutest quilt ambassador, ever.


  1. I love reading your blog Helen. I think we would get along famously if we were to meet. It's probably because of that Aussie husband of yours :-)

    1. If I ever get back to your side of the world, I'll let you know. With a niece in Singapore...


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