Sunday, October 26, 2014

It was all about the PUPPY (and a Stash Report)

At retreat I managed to get this assembled without incident.  Now added to the TFUQ listing.

But in reality, this year's Tobermory Retreat was all about ANNI.
There was a bit of swearing at the little twit gentle persuasion, asking the little darling to give back the pieces.  And I learned a new term:  F.R.A.P.  Doggie crazies.  Click here.

Anyhow... this was Thursday's project.  The Double Wedding Ring that has not seen the light of day since March.  And it probably won't see daylight again until next March.  I figured out that this needs to be laid out in three rows at a time, since every row encompasses the row above AND the row below.  At least, that's how it seems to be working out as a scrappy quilt.
I have a stash report that includes the cosmetic bag yardage, AND a couple of items that were mailed off to Singapore as Christmas gifts for my great-niece.  Note to readers:  if you need to mail Christmas parcels this early, make sure you bought your Christmas cards last year, because you will not find them in the stores in October.

Used this month:  3.75 m
Used YTD:         67.95 m
Added this month:  0
Added YTD:      119.75 m
NET YTD:         + 51.8 m

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