Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sawtooth Star (or 8 pointed star) Quilt, and the DAILY IRRITANT

Wow.  What an effective use of colour.

The black floral background really brings out the colours in the blocks.  And it is such a simple block.  A SAWTOOTH, or eight-pointed star, made with four flying geese units, four half-square triangle units for the outer corners, and one large square in the center.

This was treated to semi-custom quilting.  The body of the quilt has been done with a pantograph design, while the two borders got stitch-in-the-ditch and their own border treatments.  The gold border has a pattern of ovals stitched on it.

Easier to see on the back:  the outer border has a thistle design.

The snow is pretty much all gone.  I am so happy to see this!  A stream that only burbles during spring melt, or heavy rainstorms.
Here is my random crabbiness/irritant for the day:  There are household rules around the daily newspaper.  DH gets the paper and reads it in the morning.  I read it in the evening.  The crossword puzzle is his, the sudoku puzzle is mine.
Irritant:  the puzzles are on an inside page that requires you to fold the paper inside-out.  That's not the irritant.  When I get the paper it is never folded along the proper fold line.  That's the irritant.  And remember who had the paper first.  It wasn't me.  This bugs me as much as looking at a poorly made bed where the sheets aren't lined up straight in line with the edge of the mattress, with the upper layer of quilt (natch!) lined up along those lines.  I'm not sure why straightness and symmetry are important for those things.  After all, I build crooked garden beds and place furniture everywhere on an angle.  Lord help us when I get old and really weird.

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