Thursday, April 17, 2014

MQX Faves

If you click on the photos they will come up large for you.

This is Diane's quilt that I smuggled home for her. Notice the lovely ribbons? Now I can refer to her as "My friend Diane, you know - the big award winner at MQX?"
This is one of the award winners - by Margaret Solomon-Gunn.  I wandered around the show floor a second day to make sure I had made all necessary purchases.  Apparently I needed to spend another $60 on thread.  Pfftt.  Anyhoo, I went over and looked at this one again.

That quilting takes my breath away.  The fabric is silk (or a silk blend?) which has a beautiful glow, and of course, showcases the stitching.
While I was THAT far south (9 hours to Manchester NH), I figured I might as well head another 90 minutes down the highway to New England Quilt Supply.  Ooh.  More bad.  Stay tuned for a nasty stash report.  (!)  En route I was blessed to find a WONDERFUL radio station:  92.5 Boston the River.  When they played both Nik Kershaw AND Elvis Costello in the first 20 minutes of my drive I knew I was in love.

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