Saturday, April 12, 2014

Progress at MQX

Today is the only chance I have had to do some of the piecing I brought with me. As you can see, the steel tape measure is out so I can accurately measure for the sashing strips. Occasionally a customer will say "But I DID measure the borders. I laid the quilt out on the bed." That always makes me screw my face up into something very unattractive. 'Cause yeah, the bed is a nice FLAT surface to measure on.

I am pretty excited that I have to pick up Diane Carson's quilt after the show closes today and return it to her. She won a big fat ribbon, so I may hold it hostage and see what I can get out of her. Ha ha. Just kidding. ;-)
We head home tomorrow after breakfast, so I'll post more about our adventures next week. I've actually been pretty circumspect with the camera and have no drunken pajama photos. Yet.
Pfftt.  Later...

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