Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Pretty from MQX and the STASH REPORT

This wasn't an award winner at MQX, but I think it's so pretty.  I didn't photo the card with the name of the maker, so if you know who it is let me know and I'll update this.
I love the way she (he?) fussy cut the blades.

And here is my TFUQ - the Batik Cats.  Formerly the March/April Challenge.  Yay - it's on the frame right now being quilted.  Since it's Easter weekend I thought I'd take some time to work on my own stuff.
I dragged out my invoice from New England Quilt Supply and added up the yardage I purchased.  gulp.

Used This Month  12.25 m
Used YTD            36 m
Added This Month  110.75 m
Added YTD            113 m
NET 2014                77 m increase in stash.  Ick.

When Diane came to repossess her quilt, she brought Karen with her.  Karen is pumping up her mom's stash, so she's actually the one who used the 12.25 m on this report.  Two chunks of yardage were cut up using JAWS' new Apple Core die.  I cannot wait to see that project when she gets it finished!

Springtime Firsts that happened yesterday:
  • I used the solar dryer to dry the sheets
  • four daffodils are blooming
  • no fire in my workroom fireplace

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  1. I thought you were working your stash down. :-)


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