Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blooming 9-Patch

The weather in Tobermory is always fun.  Monday was rain & wind.  Tuesday was pounding rain and wind.  With ice pellets.  Wednesday was nice & sunny for most of the day.  Thursday was cold & rain.  A bit south of us they had six inches of snow.  I was VERY glad that missed us!  The drive home on Friday was sunny, and then for an hour the roads were all wet but it was still sunny.  Huh?  Then we hit the rain.

I took a butternut squash with me.  One our retreaters likes to open the bar REALLY early (well, really early in my opinion).  Rotary cutters are a little dangerous if you're shit-faced, so to nosh on with our afternoon cocktails, I made Butternut Squash, Cranberry & Goat Cheese Crostini.  The recipe is here.  These were very (!) good.  The rest of the BS was chopped and roasted when I baked the salmon. 

After I finished my Mondo Bag, and got my guild B.O.M. finished, and made three little cell phone wallets, I finally got back to my Blooming 9-Patch.  This quilt was started here at this cottage back in July. The blocks are finally all stitched into rows.   My thighs were killing me because I was up and down so many times picking blocks up off the floor to stitch together. My next step is to add the setting triangles then stitch the rows together and add the final border.  Closer... closer... closer to completion.
Well, hell has apparently frozen over.  DH went out and picked zucchini while I was away.
Picked this week:  2
Picked YTD: 46

Picked last 2 weeks:  5 (2 for soup, 2 given away, 1 cooked in Tobermory)
Picked YTD: 18

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  1. Thanks for posting a picture of your Blooming 9 patch--it's looking lovely! Lurking Linda


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