Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dresden Fan with Applique

Some quilters just looove applique.  They love it enough that they will sit down for many, many hours, tracing leaves & flower bits.

That border treatment is so pretty.  It would also make a stupendous scalloped border if it was flipped over and faced the other direction.

Setting triangle with a block design modified to fit.

I love Dresden Fan and Dresden Plate blocks.  I think it's the circular motif idea that appeals to me so much.  I have one D.P. quilt of my own all finished. There's another top ready for quilting that is, um, marinating in the cedar chest until I have some spare time.  (You can see both on the separate page for UFO Challenge 2011.)
Sunday I headed up to Elora for a SOLO meeting. (Southern Ontario Longarm Operators).  It was one of the biggest meetings that we've ever had, I think.  75 people confirmed, less the usual number who have to cancel at the last minute.  I love these networking sessions.  I get to meet up with some old friends I haven't seen in a while and there is always a diet lunch HUGE pot luck.  There was a swap sale, then the meeting covered topics such as favorite tools, keeping quilts flat & square, marketing techniques, and of course, show & tell.  Even though I have over 13 years experience in this field I still come away with great information.  You cannot exist in a rabbit hole and expect to stay current.  Even with the internet.  :-)

Picked last week: 5 (4 small ones went into soup, 1 LARGE one was traded for a dozen eggs at the farm behind us)
Picked YTD 23

BS Tidbit of the week:  I have to take some pants in because I've stayed away from alcohol and dessert and lost a few pounds.  ha ha ha ha ha.

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