Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quilts of Valour & Squash Reports

I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I feel very blessed with the gifts I live with every day and I am happy to give some lovin' back where I can. But I still need to put groceries on the table, so there's a limit.  I have already quilted 14 this year.  For some of them I also threw in batting and backing.  And I made and donated two quilts of my own.  One more quilting freebie is coming up for QOV this year, then that's it until 2014.

Here are the most recent six...

Friendship Stars.

Nice.  This is a new pantograph, called Cedar.

Single Irish Chain.

Quilted with Bubbles


Quilted with Chinook.

I have no idea what quilt design this is.  The fabric is great - all Canadiana motifs.

Quilted with English Oak.
Friendship Stars.

Quilted with Path To My Heart.

Rail Fence.

Quilted with Celtic Hearts.
Picked this week: 1
Picked YTD: 44

Picked this week:  2 (gave them both away - traded for a turkey dinner!!  Good deal.)
Picked YTD:  13

BS Tidbit of the Week:  Exercise is the first thing on my calendar every day.  ha ha ha...

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